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The Environmental Defenders Office
of Northern Queensland (EDO NQ)

Situated strategically right in the centre of the fabulous Great Barrier Reef, the Environmental Defenders Office of Northern Queensland is a non-profit, non-government community legal centre specializing in public interest environmental law. We provide free environmental law advice and advocacy to members of the public about public interest environmental law issues.

Our web site carries a wealth of information about our environmental protection services, and about environmental law in Queensland. It provides fact sheets that summarise and explain planning and environmental law, rules relating to Northern Queensland's World Heritage Areas, and much other useful information relating to this spectacular part of Australia.

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Keep up to date on environmental law matters by subscribing to our regular Alerts or visiting our Facebook page, which has regular feeds relating to environmental law and environmental issues.

Learn about our campaign to achieve the granting of legal personality for the Great Barrier Reef here.

If you would like to support the EDO NQ, and in particular our test cases, we’d encourage you to (a) donate (please consider a regular donation), (b) become a member, (c) make arrangements for a bequest, and/or (d) volunteer.

We need to raise $10,000 before 30 April 2014 in order to continue to serve Northern Queensland.

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